Welcome to Brooklyn School

Brooklyn School is a rural, family-oriented, full primary school of 5 classes (Year 0 – Year 8). Roll projections are set to maintain U3 status over coming years.

The school is located 7km west of Motueka at the foot of the Brooklyn Valley serving children from families involved in local horticulture and agriculture and also from Motueka township. Access is provided via 2 school buses which are owned by the school. One serves the Ministry of Education run which includes Westbank Road and Brooklyn Valley, whilst the other serves Riwaka and Motueka township.

The grounds and buildings are a source of pride to the community and continued development has seen the addition of new classroom, and playground areas as well as an upgraded car park and hard court surfaces. Most recently we have had our Junior classroom completely refurbished along with our Middle School rooms and these spaces now reflect vibrant, modern learning environments.

A strong school ethic is prevalent and the ‘Brooklyn Learner’ has been defined as ‘ Sharing, Curious and Active. Children can frequently be heard verbalising these values to new pupils.
TOGETHER AT BROOKLYN is now recognised as our ‘essence statement’ which underpins ‘Best Practice’ in teaching and learning in every situation.

Pupils receive a quality education covering all aspects of the New Zealand curriculum. Achievement in Reading and Mathematics is, overall, above national norms. A powerful feature of the school is the integrated teaching approach that has been developed, which sees children having input into school organisation, teaching and learning and participation in community events. Outdoor education is a feature and includes annual camps and community sports.

As well, we participate in school-wide co-operative activities e.g. maths, art, peer reading, sports, drama and produce annual concerts with community involvement. We have provided a set of laptops for pupil use with a commitment to providing our students with quality E-learning opportunities whilst continuing to further embed our strong culture of Student Agency and Voice enhancing Digital Citizenship and extending children’s physical capabilities via provision of continually updated sporting equipment and co-ordinated school-wide sporting initiatives.

The school also has a regular cycle of whole school musical productions and participation in inter-school stage performances.
The school prides itself in providing a well-rounded education for all recognising all of its student’s unique talents and gifts. The community is very supportive of the school and well represented by a committed Board of Trustees. Come and visit us anytime!